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Dr. Dragos was born into a family of dentistry and has a lifetime of experience in cosmetic dentistry. He has taken on hundreds of complex full mouth reconstructive cases with amazing, long lasting results!

Located in the heart of New York City, Dr. Dragos Sandulescu has been practicing at his Fifth Avenue location since 1985. Dr. Dragos was also a professor of Prosthodontics at the Farleigh Dickinson University School of Dentistry. He has been honored with numerous national and international awards, accolades, and recommendations over his career.

After your comprehensive examination using our low-emission digital x-rays, Dr. Dragos will present a treatment plan custom-tailored to your individual needs. However, a strong foundation of healthy teeth is important before any cosmetic work is done.

“I am passionate about dentistry and I am passionate about helping others. The opportunity to be part of the transformation in restoring someone’s smile is absolutely one of the most rewarding parts of dentistry.”  ~Dr. Dragos Sandulescu


Initial Consultation

At your first visit, Dr. Dragos will conduct a full examination using our state-of-the-art equipment and low-emission digital x-rays. At our dental practice, we strive to provide our patients with every possible option available, which is why Dr. Dragos will explain the pros and cons of each procedure so you can both agree on the best solution for your new smile.

Pre-Cosmetic Restoration

Maintaining a strong foundation of healthy teeth and gums is essential in order to keep your smile shining. For this reason, Dr. Dragos may recommend certain restorative treatments to correct any pre-existing issues before any major cosmetic work is planned.

Smile Makeover

After all restorative work is finished, Dr. Dragos will explain his cosmetic recommendations and discuss any questions you may have.

Over his many years as a leading cosmetic dentist in New York, Dr. Dragos has transformed hundreds of smiles using a variety of cosmetic techniques, including dental implants, tooth bonding, porcelain crowns, porcelain bridges, and porcelain veneers.

Rest assured that you will have an amazing outcome.

Dr. Dragos uses the highest-quality material, state-of-the-art equipment, and over 25 years of expertise to guarantee you are in the best hands possible. 

Two Generations of Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Dragos developed a passion for dentistry early in life while working in his father's dental laboratory in NYC. He is a patient advocate, a perfectionist and recipient of numerous honors including “America’s Top Dentist" and "Top 25 Dentist in NYC"

What Our Patients are Saying
Outstanding services and work - while we had quite a daunting task to rehabilitate my teeth, sitting in the chair became an oasis of relaxation. They say no pain - no gain - I have to say, NO PAIN and A LOT OF GAIN!
Eric A.
Dr. Dragos is an incredible dental professional. He is very thorough and detail oriented. I have been a patient of Dr. Dragos for several years now and rally do think he is the best dentist in the industry - both for cosmetic procedures as well as standard dental procedures.
Ana M.
I have been a patient of Dr. Dragos for over 30 years. I was referred to him by a friend who was very afraid of dental work, and she told me he was "pain-free". I've found Dr. Dragos to be that, and so much more: thorough, gentle, friendly and a complete professional.
Janice B.
Thank you, Dr. Dragos, for the outstanding implant dentistry that I had done at your office. Thanks to you, I feel better, smile once again and eat healthier. You and your entire staff helped me get through my initial nervousness and made the entire procedure and visits stress-free. You took the time to explain all the procedures and what to expect during and after the work was completed. Any family member or friend looking for a dentist will go directly to you, the best there is.
Jeffrey A.